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Moorestown Field House- Current Covid Guidelines


  • All participants should check in on arrival and read through the Covid-19 checklist to ensure they are safe for participation

  • Sanitizing stations are available throughout the building and it is recommended that they are used upon entrance.


During Participation

  • ALL equipment will be sanitized regularly before and after play.

  • All groups are encouraged to enter/exit as close to their rental start/finish as possible.

  • Interaction between groups is discouraged.


Inside the Building

  • We are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone who comes to the Field House. The

facility now permitted to operate at full capacity, per Executive Orders No. 239 and 242. Executive Orders

No. 241 and 242 also amended masking requirements. Individuals are no longer required to wear masks

in these public settings, though unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to do so. The field

house is not currently requiring masking and each group is welcome to encourage their players or

spectators to mask based on there own preference. Should masking guidelines change, the Field House

will adjust our policy accordingly.


Here’s what we are doing regularly

Frequent, deep cleaning and daily cleaning of the facility:

  • The facility undergoes a stringent cleaning process multiple times of the day.

  • Field House Staff will be cleaning and sanitizing high touch areas frequently.

  • Our cleaning company is doing a heavy clean using FDA certified products.


Additional Cleaning Includes:

  • Fogging

  • Regularly cleaning all surface areas

  • Deep sanitation for all restrooms and high-touch areas

  • Disinfection of all sports equipment daily

  • During the day, interior and when possible, exterior doors are kept open to aid with air flow.

  • Large field air handling system draws in new outdoor air regularly and allows for quality airflow.

  • During this time, payment via cash is highly discouraged. Please plan to make all payments in advance and when necessary, card payments may be processed in person.

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