Why Box Lacrosse?


Box Lacrosse is a much more physical game that is played at a much faster rate and intensity level than Field Lacrosse.  The game is played in a hockey rink with much smaller goals and even bigger goaltenders.  This forces players to move the ball and their feet quicker, think quicker, and be much more accurate and selective with their shots.  Getting used to the speed of the game of Box Lacrosse will slow the game down for a player when he steps on the outdoor field.


Offensive players in the game of Box Lacrosse do not have a lot of room to work with.  As soon as the ball is in your stick, a defender will be right on top of you, which forces you to constantly move your feet, move the ball quicker, and make quicker decisions.  Because of the amount of space that is offered to an Offensive player in Field Lacrosse, a player will feel more comfortable and confident with the ball in his stick when transitioning to the Field game.  Offensive players will also be forced to use the 2-Man game (Pick and Rolls), which helps to open things up in Box and Field.


Defensive players in the game of Box Lacrosse lose the advantage that Field Lacrosse Defensive players have, and that is the long pole.  Box Lacrosse is played with all short sticks on the floor, which means that Defensive players must play great body position, be much more physical, and communicate with one another (because of the 2-Man game, you will get beat).  Being successful as a Defensive player with a short stick, will make a Defensive player much more confident when the long pole is back in their hands.


The transition from the game of Box to Field is a much easier transition to make than going from Field to Box.  The success that Box Lacrosse style training can bring to a player when he plays Field Lacrosse is seen today in the NCAA and the MLL.  Some of the most dominate and fun to watch players in the NCAA and the MLL are players with a Box Lacrosse background (whether they are Canadian or American).


Just becaus the transition from Field to Box is harder to make, doesn't mean it can't be done.  It is never too late to become a part of the biggest Lacrosse craze in the US.  The benefits of Box Lacrosse style training are endless, and can only make you a better overall Lacrosse player in the long run!!! 

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